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Alkaline Battery Charger

Stop throwing the disposal alkaline batteries away! Reactivate them so that their useful lifespan can be extended another 20-50 cycles depending on the quality of the batteries. Recharge your rechargeable batteries up to 1,000 times with the same charger. Batteries with different capacity and varieties can be recharged or reactivated in the same device. With the POWERBACK Alkaline Battery Charger, you save money, time and the environment.

Tips for better reactivation cycles:

  • Remember not to drain your Alkaline batteries all the way down. Reactivated the batteries immediately when the remaining electric energy is left around 20-30%.
  • When the voltage of the Alkaline battery is less than 1 volt (when used in remote control, alarm clock, clock and low current electronic device), it cannot be reactivated again as the chemical structure of the battery is destroyed due to over-discharge.
  • It is recommended to use better quality Alkaline batteries so as to reach better reactivation cycles.
Battery Charger (G-988)
Battery Charger (G-988)
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POWERBACK Alkaline Battery Charger (G-988)
POWERBACK Alkaline Battery Charger (G-988)