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PowerBack Battery Conditioner (Small Tablet x 6pcs for 35-75Ah)

PowerBack Battery Conditioner (Small Tablet x 6pcs for 35-75Ah)
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Price: S$24.00
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Model: PB-ST
Manufacturer: PowerBack
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 PowerBack Battery Conditioner is an Organic Activator for recovery of  lead-acid batteries. It is made up of organic Polymers, Organic Ge, Indium, Tin and etc.

PowerBack is useful for 12V and 24V batteries meant for cars, buses, forklifts, taxies, golf cart, UPS's back up marine, floor sweeper and etc (except for maintenance free batteries).

With 10 years of Research and Development in Japan and certified by ITE Battery Research Group, PowerBack Battery Re-energiser is able to lengthen the life of the new batteries, regenerate or recover the used lead-acid batteries and sulphated old/ weakened batteries, prevent sulphation and increase the torque to give a smooth drive. Powerback is able to reduce the batteries operating temperature and prolong the operating hours.

The standard lifespan of batteries for cars & forklift (2-3 years), Golf Cart (21/2 years), Taxies & Buses (1-11/2 year), Lorries & trucks (1- 2 years). Performance guarantee for a new battery after using Powerback is : Standard lifespan x 2 times; Used battery is: (Standard lifespan- used years) x 2 times (Terms & conditions  apply)

Power Battery Conditioner is easy to use, top-up is only necessary once a year as a standard by inserting the tablets into the individual battery cells. After installing the tablets, it is necessary to charge for 1-2 days and quick charging is not effective. PowerBack's function will be effective after 10days - 4 weeks depending on the condition of sulphation. It is unable to recover batteries that are heavily damage due to internal shortage or sulphation.

PowerBack Battery Conditioner comes in 2 sizes; Large tablet is meant for 76Ah-130Ah and Small tablet is for 35Ah - 75Ah, 150Ah uses 2 smal tablets, 200Ah uses 2 large tablets.

PowerBack provides a sustainable Economical, Effective, Easy to use and Eco-friendly Solutions for our children's tommorrow.


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PowerBack Battery Conditioner (Small Tablet x 6pcs for 35-75Ah)
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